Planning to buy a car? Find top-calibre car dealership Brisbane offers

Peugeot cars have been recognized internationally for their quality and reliability. Moreover, Peugeot is among the carmakers that make the biggest efforts to reduce CO2 emissions in their vehicles. A top-rated car dealership Brisbane has today also distributes these models throughout the country. A full range of automobiles comprising small cars, executive and family cars, and SUVs have been made available in the Australian market.

A new or a used car?

A reliable car dealership Brisbane has these days offers a range of brand new cars with different finance options for an easier purchase. Although new Peugeot cars are widely available, there is a large market for used cars too. There are some very good deals for used cars that you can benefit from. Actually, there are good reasons to buy a used car. For starters, the insurance cost will be lower. The same applies to ownership taxes. Moreover, the depreciation of the vehicle will not be as high as in the case of a new one.

Peugeot dealers often offer some used cars for sale too. Owing to their comfort, reliability, and environmental friendliness, this brand has been well received in Australia. However, if you prefer a car with very low mileage, then purchasing a demo car is an option. An advantage of buying a demo car, besides the feeling and looks of a new car, is the manufacturer’s warranty. All these at a significantly reduced price!

Procedures before the purchase

But if you have decided to purchase a second-hand vehicle, find a used car dealer Brisbane has today that offers a wide range of options. Before searching for a used car dealer, fix your budget. It is important that you decide how much money you are willing to spend on a used car. Then, figure out whether you need to apply for a financing plan. In case you need it, make sure you can get the funds timely.

Once you have chosen the car you like to purchase, you have to check its reliability. This should not be a problem though. Most car dealers in Brisbane have a team of mechanic experts. They will fix any possible malfunction before delivering the car to a buyer. However, to be on the safe side, check the car history report before closing the deal. Finally, go on a test drive to make sure the car is actually in good condition and that you like its performance on the road.

Consult the customer service, they know all about cars

A highly-recommended car dealership Brisbane has today offers a customer service that can assist potential car buyers. Deciding on the best car for you may not be very simple. It is not that complicated either. You have to set your requirements according to your needs. Besides the initial cost, it is important to consider the long term costs of the car like maintenance.

Never underestimate the drive test. This is actually the decisive step before purchasing a car. Whether you are going to buy a new car or a used car, test driving is a must. Car dealership Brisbane has today offers demo cars for this purpose.

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Enjoy a perfect ride from the Motto Guzzi v7 bike

Being one of the oldest bikes in the world, Moto Guzzi v7 for sale has all the original features that make it unique to all the riders. Motto Guzzi was released in the 1960s to represent the true motorcycle vision that was drawn by the inventors. Since then up to now lots of improvements have been done to its features making it a luxury icon on the roads. It encapsulates all the comfort features as well as the security features of the user. This is a multi-purpose bike that can be used for tour purposes, adventure as well as touring purposes depending on the requirement of the user.

Features that make the bike a choice of many people

It is made from high-quality materials that make it strong on the road as well as last long with very little breakdowns. Every part is perfectly fixed to ensure that the bike becomes competent and reliable even in the difficult tasks it is involved in.

Moto Guzzi v7 for sale is made with light alloy rims that make the bike strong even on the stony areas. The bike is made with a tracking device for the owner to locate it easily wherever it is in case of theft cases.

Moto Guzzi v7 for sale has an engine capacity of twenty-two liters which enables the rider to go for long distances without running out of fuel. This is good, especially when the rider is going to places where there are no fuel stations. Its engine is made to consume little fuel even when traveling long distances to ensure that it is economical. It also has a powerful engine that does not knockout even when the bike goes for long distances without relaxing.

Where to buy the perfect bike from

The motorbike is made with a powerful and strong pooling system that makes it climb any kind of hill without failure. Its braking system is the lock and unlocks type, making it reduce speed efficiently without any difficulties. It comes with a multimedia device where the rider can connect his or her phone with a Bluetooth to handle calls automatically without compromising on the ride. Its colors are well printed on the covers to avoid scratches, making it be attractive throughout. This bike is the pride of all the riders who want comfort and luxury everywhere they go.

For those who would like to get the perfect bike, it is good to ensure that one gets an authorized dealer who sells the bikes with a warranty. Regular service of these bikes is needed to ensure that it does not degrade in quality. Regardless of the bike is strong, proper use of the bike by the owner helps to maintain its quality. If it happens to breakdown, only the parts from the trusted manufacturer should be used to replace the worn-out parts so that its road performance is not jeopardized. All these bikes are tested for quality before they are released to the market to ensure that they are going to meet customer requirements.


Key points in buying a demo Skoda car for your family

Demo cars are the best practical choice if you’re looking for a family car. These are brand new units used by the dealership for display, test drives, and traveling to company appointments among other marketing purposes. These cars usually have a lower price because of mileage it has acquired; however, the dealership’s technicians still maintain them. So, Google “demo Skoda near me” to find the best demo car deals today, and take note of a few guidelines in making a choice.

How to find the best demo Skoda car for your family today

The best Skoda demonstrator sale offers reasonable deals and cars on stellar conditions. Hence, it’s perfect for a comfortable, efficient, safe and practical family car.

Search about the specific car model

Begin by searching about the specific Skoda makes and model you want. Know about its specifications, features, and market price. This way, if you see a demo unit of such a model in a dealership, you can check the car according to the info you’ve gathered. That can tell if a dealer is giving a reasonable offer or not as well. Check Brisbane City Skoda for more details.

Inspect the car thoroughly

Using the details you’ve gathered in the previous step, carefully inspect all parts of the car. First, it should have all the specifications and features according to the manufacturer’s data. Then, check if all parts are working fine, so you won’t end up with a family car in bad condition.

Remember that some demo cars are used for test-driving, and some drivers have rough car handling habits that can affect a few parts.

However, to find demo cars that are likely to have been serviced proficiently, Google “Skoda near me” for accredited dealerships. Skoda assures their accredited dealers offer the best quality units on the market.

Know the history of the demo car unit

Next, ask the dealer about the history of the specific unit. Know if it’s used for display, for test-driving, or as a temporary replacement vehicle for servicing customers. Also, ask how long it has been serving such purpose. It’s even wise to ask a written car history of the unit.

If it has been used intensively, it’s better to find a secondhand or used Skoda car for a lower price. Finding another demo car with the least wear and tear is also a great option.

Ask about warranty coverage

Dealers can sometimes be tricky when it comes to warranties. Some demo car warranties have been used up at the dealerships. That’s why you need to find ones that have unused warranty coverage. Be sure to find the latter option for a more favourable deal.

Negotiate for the best possible price

Don’t hesitate to negotiate for the best price you can pay. Dealers often want to sell demo cars immediately, thus they are open for significant price change. Just search “Skoda near me”, so you can find the friendliest dealer in your area.

Remember these guides so you can find the best demo car to buy for your family. It can lead you to the Skoda unit on a stellar condition, without worrying about breaking the bank. And if you want the best dealers with demo cars in Brisbane, check out today. They offer used, demo, and brand new cars Brisbane citizens are typically looking for.

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Why soundproofing your car is a good idea

You may have heard of soundproofing a room to reduce noise going in and out, but soundproofing a car? What purpose is there to soundproof a car? Why should you consider deadening sound in your vehicle? If you check the products at, you will notice that a lot of these are dedicated to helping you reduce noise going in and out of your vehicle.

There are many good reasons why soundproofing a vehicle is becoming a fast trend. The most common reason is to help reduce the noise coming in from the outside. This enables people in the car to carry on conversations without outside noise making it hard to understand each other.

The next reason why people soundproof their car is to produce a better acoustic environment for their sound system. This lets people inside the vehicle enjoy the music better without road noise impeding it. It also allows car speakers to give you the best sound they can produce.

How to soundproof your car

If you decide to soundproof your car, here are some steps you can follow to begin the soundproofing of your vehicle:

1. Start with the floor of your vehicle.

A lot of the sounds that you hear entering your car come from the floor. Road sounds and noises from other vehicles can enter your car even when your windows are closed.

To further reduce the entry of such noises to your vehicle, install a sound deadening foam on your car’s floor. If you check, you will find a few products that are made for this purpose. These include the sound barrier floor mat and automotive carpet. Click here CAR BUILDERS

2. Install car door insulation.

The next thing you need to do is to further dampen the noise from the outside by adding insulation to your doors. The cavity inside your doors does not offer much by way of noise reduction. Insulate your doors by applying sound deadening mats to it. Just make sure you don’t obstruct any moving parts found inside your door.

3. Soundproof your trunk and engine compartment.

Some people stop at soundproofing their doors and their floors. Others go all the way and reduce noise from their trunk and their engine compartments too. This is done to reduce the rattling noise from both areas.

4. Add soundproofing to your roof.

This is usually the last part that people soundproof when working on reducing noise in their car. The same soundproofing pads that you use on the floor can be used on your roof as well, provided that these are the ones that come with an adhesive.

If you don’t want to DIY your car soundproofing project, you can always ask an expert for help with this. Ask the car builders who offer such a service for help.

They can set your car up for you and they can tell you which soundproofing products on you should buy to complete your project. Moreover, they can also help you set up your new audio system once they are done with the soundproofing of your vehicle.


Maintenance tips for keeping your Harley in tip-top shape

Purchasing a Harley-Davidson does not come cheap. If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast and have always wanted one all your life, it will be all worth it. However, since it is such a big investment, it’s only natural for you to want it to last for as long as possible. With proper care and maintenance, nothing is impossible. If you’re worried about maintenance costs, don’t be. Your Harley first service cost will be much lesser if you follow the Harley-Davidson Service Checklist.

harley first service cost

By following the Harley-Davidson Service Checklist, you can ensure that your bike is always in tip-top condition. Breaking down in the middle of the highway, having your bike towed, and hunting for parts are not only expensive. They are also very time-consuming. Click here Gasoline Alley

Harley-Davidson maintenance tips

Here are some important maintenance tips you can follow.

  • Check your tyres. How often you need to check your tyres will depend on how you ride your bike. However, you must check them regularly to avoid unexpected problems. You’ll need to check the tyres at least once a week if you use your bike for your daily transportation–provided that the ride is routine and the weather is stable. If, however, you use your bike for long trips (driving from the highway to backroads to dirt roads, for example), you must check your tyres once or twice every day.
  • Change engine oil on schedule. For your bike to perform efficiently, it needs to have its engine oil changed on schedule and kept at the correct levels. The timeframe for changing oil depends on the miles ridden, type of oil used, and age of your bike. Your Harley motorcycle service crew will ensure that your oil is properly checked at each maintenance interval.
  • Check the breaks. Faulty breaks can put your life in jeopardy. So, make sure to bring your bike for inspection on the right maintenance schedule to avoid unfortunate accidents. Your Harley first service cost is not that expensive for you to avoid having your bike inspected.
  • Observe proper battery and engine maintenance. A bike’s battery typically lasts for two years. However, if you neglect its maintenance, it won’t last that long. Likewise, the engine is a vital part of your bike. Make sure to have your battery and engine checked by a Harley mechanic on recommended maintenance intervals, especially if it’s your first time bringing it in for inspection. This way, you can be sure that your Harley first service cost will be much lower than if you neglect the maintenance of your bike.

Recommended maintenance miles

Make sure to follow the Harley-Davidson Service Checklist in your owner’s manual. Have your Harley serviced by a certified Harley mechanic for every:

  • 1,000 miles
  • 15,000 miles
  • 20,000 miles

The bottom line

Your Harley is a significant investment. It doesn’t come cheap, after all. Making sure that it is adequately cared for can help extend its life. More importantly, it can help you avoid accidents down the road.

The expert technicians at Gasoline Alley Harley-Davidson use only the latest diagnostic and repair equipment to help you get back on the road sooner. Plus, you can also get some of the best motorcycle merchandise from them.


Fascinating perks of LDV vans for family use in Brisbane

Searching for an ideal family vehicle in Brisbane? Think of getting an LDV van to have great comfort, safety and smooth driving on the road. You should check out the best LDV models and see how it would easily fit your whole family inside. Moreover, know where to get genuine LDV parts if you’re planning to own a unit as well. ldv parts What makes an LDV van ideal for your family purposes It’s easy to find many vans for sale in Brisbane. But be sure to include LDV vans in your list of units to check. And that’s because of the perks it offers for your family, such as: Huge load capacity This is the biggest benefit an LDV offers—literally. Its models usually have 7 seats or more, which means it would carry your whole family at once. Also, you won’t have problems in fitting your luggage inside as well. This makes LDV vans perfect for family vacations, since it would carry all your luggage conveniently. It’s also fitting for relocating to a new home, which helps in minimizing the loads movers will carry. That minimizes the fees you should pay as well. Click here Brisbane City LDV Strong power Aside from its roomy cabin, LDV also has high power output which means it’s capable of carrying or pulling heavy loads. One example is your whole family with heavy vacation luggage. Another is towing your fishing boat behind it. Genuine LDV parts are durable too, meaning it doesn’t acquire damages easily because of heavy weights the van carries. Fuel efficiency Depending on the model, an LDV van drives up to 750 or 850km per tank. Moreover, the weight of its loads doesn’t largely affect the fuel economy. And that’s definitely helpful in curbing your family’s travel budget, whether for daily rides or for vacations. Cabin comfort Many LDV review articles notice the great comfort the van provides for the driver and passengers. It’s responsive and easy to drive even on rough roads. The passengers won’t feel too much body pains on their seats even on long travels too. Its roominess is also a factor, since it allows enough movements for the passengers while on their seats. High safety ratings LDV is also popular because of its outstanding and robust safety features. It has durable LDV parts, and comes with proficient safety features inside. Such features include 6 air bags, tyre pressure monitor, blind-spot monitoring and reversing cameras among other useful accessories. Moreover, it has reliable capacity to withstand shock and impact from road accidents. In fact, some models of the LDV have hit 5-star ratings on the crash tests in Australia. And these would give enough peace of mind for your family while on the road. LDV vans are definitely fantastic for family use. It doesn’t simply carry your whole family inside, but it makes sure you’ll enjoy the travel too. However, be sure to buy from reliable dealers in Brisbane, whether you want a brand new or used unit. That’s why you should visit Brisbane City Automotive today. They offer the best LDV vans Brisbane City offers. Moreover, check other valuable LDV services you’ll need at

Hidden Facts About Availing Car Finance

Today when you wish to buy a car, you just go with the same and never bother about your credit rating. There was a time when getting car finance was not an easy task. But, now the tables have turned and you can get car finance in Brisbane without much difficulty. In fact, the car finance firm will find ways in which you can be accommodated to secure the loan. Some of the car loan firms offer loans even for those who are bankrupt or have a bad credit rating or declined loans earlier. However, in Australia, car loans are covered under Australia’s Credit laws. The law requires that the car loan provider should possess a license and should also be a member of the External Dispute Resolution (EDR) scheme.

car finance in brisbane

Duties and Responsibilities

Basically, according to the law pertaining to car finance in Brisbane, duty is cast upon the loan provider to act in a responsible manner while providing the loan facility to the prospective buyer of the car. The car provider should follow the approved lending pattern according to the provisions of the Australian Credit laws. This law prescribes exclusive rights and also responsibilities both for the lender and the borrower of the loan.

Rights and Responsibilities of the Borrower

Further, according to the law prevailing in Australia, every consumer loan including car finance in Brisbane is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). This is the federal agency for dealing with all matters relating to consumer loans. In fact, the law specifically requires that the borrower of the loan should be fully aware of his rights and duties before availing the loan in question.

In Coordination with the Dealer

In the normal course, the car loan firms work in close coordination with the authorized dealers of the car. In fact, normally one of the representatives of the car finance company will be stationed in the showroom of the authorized car dealer. This is because when a prospective buyer shortlists a car, the dealer would introduce the buyer to the car finance firm. Naturally, this helps the buyer to obtain the loan at the earliest possible time and buy Citroen c3 or any other car of his choice.

Understand the Terms and Conditions

In fact, you would find Citroen car specials with easy and hassle-free car finance as one of the unique offers provided by most authorized car dealers. But, before availing such services you should carefully go through the terms and conditions of the car finance firm. You should also carefully analyze the repayment pattern and ensure there are no hidden costs.

Loan for Buying Used Cars

The car finance can be availed even for buying used Citroen cars or any other brands of cars. In such cases, the car finance company will require a valuation of the car being made by the authorized technical evaluators. Whether you are buying a new or old car, by and large, the procedure for availing the loan and the rights and responsibilities of the lender and the buyer remains almost the same.


Considering the issues involved in availing car loans, the ideal remedy would be to go through the websites of the reputed car dealers like the Such dealers will introduce you to reputed car finance firms so that you can get a car loan at a favorable rate of interest and without any hidden cost.


Ridesharing: What makes it a lucrative option for extra source of income

Did you know that, in Australia, the demand for ridesharing grew by 20.8% in span of 2 years from 2016 – 2018? Yes, this is indeed a promising number. Add to that the 142% increase in the usage frequency of Aussies ageing 35-49 years old. This growth can be attributed to the affordable Uber rent car owners enjoy. In turn, this also translates into favourable fees for passengers. According to a recent The New Daily report, the popularity of Uber even took a toll on the demand for taxis.

uber rent car

But what really makes Uber a lucrative option?

  1. Helps decongest traffic.

Traffic decongestion can easily be seen as a self-inflicted problem. With more and more people buying and driving their own cars, the roads eventually became congested. But we can’t blame the public. It’s not easy to brave through traffic and pollution all at once, which is the common reason behind many car purchases. But with ridesharing, people now have an alternative mode of transport, which is equally convenient as owning a car or riding a cab. Those who can afford to buy a car are now opting to avail of affordably priced Uber cars Brisbane ridesharing providers offer to make good money.

  1. Cost-efficient for both the driver and passenger.

The income is far greater than the cost of Uber rent car owners pay. This makes this option really attractive. For the passenger, ridesharing cost is also lower than the taxi fare, making it an even more cost-efficient option to travel. Especially when you got stuck in traffic riding a cab, looking at the metre tick without the car moving any farther feels awful.

  1. Innovative and flexible payment solutions.

If you’re planning to buy a car for ridesharing, you can avail of flexible Uber car rent payment options. You just need to look for a provider, such as Keyz, to help you get started. Ridesharing solutions provider even offer financing to help driven people get started making money out of this opportunity.

  1. Opportunities to meet new friends.

The affordable car rental Uber offers isn’t the only thing that attracts drivers. The chance to meet new friends is also high as a driver. Can you accommodate four people in your car? If you can, use your awesome communication skills and pleasing personality to get to know your passengers in a friendly way. Who knows one of them is an immigrant who needs help getting around the city. Or perhaps, one of them is a budding artist who recently got a slot in the city museum’s exhibit! As a driver, open yourself up, and you can see that there’s kindness and uniqueness right inside your own car.

Ridesharing might be a new innovation. But it’s slowing becoming a mainstream in most highly progressive cities. The affordable Uber rent car owners enjoy is one of the compelling reasons behind this lucrative opportunity. Add to that the cost-efficiency and socialisation opportunities it provides. If you’re now thinking of getting your own car for ridesharing, contact a reliable provider of vehicles and car financing options.


Tricks that shady car salespeople use and how to outsmart them

Buying a car, whether new or used, is the next biggest purchase you will probably do after your house. That is why you spend time researching on what is the most suitable car for you before making that big purchase at a Rocklea car yard.

rocklea car yard

Purchasing a car, especially a used car, can be stressful. Once you enter used car yards in Brisbane, a sales presonnel would be there trying to do all sorts of tricks just to get you to buy from them. Sad to say, some dealerships do not always think about your best interest. Here are some tricks they use and how to outsmart them:

  1. Hard selling

As a buyer, beware of a sales personnel who only wants to make a sale, but is not willing to help you with what car you are looking for and need. You are making a big purchase, so it is your right to do it slowly and look around before finally deciding. If you notice that they are rushing you to make a purchase, do not feel pressure, leave right away, and go to the next Rocklea car yard nearby.

A good sales personnel will answer all your questions and will share more information about a specific unit no matter how long it will take for you to finally decide.

  1. Giving out wrong information

This is another tactic commonly used by deceptive dealers. As much as possible, they will not mention to you any damage the car has incurred before, not unless you notice the scratches, chipped paints, etc. For instance, you notice that there are chipped off paints that look like it was from an accident. You ask them about it, and all they will do is tell you that they can fix it for you; they wouldn’t bother telling you that the car has been into an accident with its previous owner.

To avoid being fooled by this kind of tricks, go only to a trusted car dealer shop. A trusted Citroen dealer Brisbane salesperson will be honest enough to tell you the history of the car and if there are other things you need to be concerned about with the unit.

  1. Hidden fees

Some car dealers will not mention right away about the additional fees you have to pay. These fees are usually for the title, registration fee, and processing fee. These fees are actually part of their profit, but they will not tell you about it until you are all ready to pay for the car.

To avoid such schemes, ask your dealer right away what other extra fees you have to pay for the car and try to negotiate.


These tricks played by shady salespeople does not create a good experience for you as buyer. As a sales person plays tricks, you will not build trust with the dealership.

Good thing there are used car sales Brisbane dealers who are honest and reliable. To make purchasing your car a good experience for you, only go to a trusted Rocklea car yard. On that note, you should visit and check out their available car units.


Picking the Correct Vehicle Supplier for You

The quantity of mitsubishi dealers qld has today is ample to offer you lots of choices. Finding the perfect car is no further hard to do. However, deciding on the best car dealer may be tricky. Your car looking knowledge is greatly inspired by the type of vehicle dealership you select, therefore picking the best one is important.

Some car dealers have received a poor reputation previously decades for tearing down customers who knew nothing about buying a car. Nevertheless, not totally all merchants are like this. Lots of them are really establishing positive customer-dealer relationships. If you want your vehicle to be repaired at the same seller for years, you should observe their reputability too.

If you’re on the journey to finding the perfect vehicle dealer, here are a few beneficial recommendations on how you can do that.

Study customer opinions

Age the net has caused it to be possible to share your knowledge with anybody across the world. If you wish to know if the automobile dealerships near you’ve excellent or bad solutions, check the online reviews. You will find particular websites that function evaluations on car dealerships near you. And, there is generally the great previous Facebook marketplace. To narrow down your study, you are able to enter ‘Mitsubishi service near me’ and try to find reviews.

Compare different dealership rates

While a reduced pricing and payment systems shouldn’t be the primary aspect in buying a vehicle, let’s experience it – it’s crucial that you consider. Contact the nearest Mitsubishi dealerships Brisbane has and require cost quotes. Then, develop a list to compare everything. Obtaining a new car could be costly, nonetheless it shouldn’t separate your bank. Visit us at Scenic Motors

Choose a reputable dealership

Your connection with a vehicle dealership doesn’t stop following your purchase. Exactly like finding insurers, you have to choose a store that it’s still about in the future. Pick among the Mitsubishi traders QLD presents which have been about for a lengthy time. This means that they are running a good organization properly enough in which to stay the business enterprise of offering cars. You will soon be visiting them in the future for car services and fixes, therefore ensure they will still be about when the period comes.

Ask about customer bonuses and freebies

Most car dealerships offer freebies and devotion benefits to customers. It’s a good way for you to get extras and save yourself money in the future. Several freebies include free diagnostic tests, car clears, oil changes, and tire rotations. When searching for a Mitsubishi vendor Gold Coast has near you, you should see if they feature such customer bonuses.

Check always the facility

On the web research may provide you with lots of data, but nothing beats the guarantee of visiting an automobile dealership in person. This allows you to check if their shop and service are pleasant. Is it clear and well-maintained? Do they have ample resources for car maintenance solutions that you will need? These features may tell you a lot concerning the dealership itself.

Selecting the most appropriate car seller plays a large position in your car ownership. If you should be looking for excellent Mitsubishi merchants QLD presents, Lovely Engines is where you need to go to. They provide a great selection of cars and quality services.


What should be covered by car warranties?

Buying a new car comes with a lot of advantages. Aside from the fact that you are the very first one to drive it, you also get a lot of perks from purchasing it, including Kia service specials covered by warranties.

A warranty comes with a newly purchased car. This gives you the advantage of having replacements and repair for your car without any charges. It is very useful because it offsets the cost of the services as long as the warranty is still valid.

Warranties usually last up to three years, but others, such as car service Kia warranties, last up to seven years. Longer warranties mean more perks, so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank if your car parts suddenly need repair or replacement.

But, what are the things covered by warranties? Here are the usual ones.

1. Factory warranty

Factory warranty offers replacement of parts that are defective or poorly manufactured and installed. Newly purchased cars, even used cars or pre-owned cars for some companies, are entitled to such a warranty, provided the warranty is still valid.

Most factory warranties are valid until they reach a certain mileage, usually within three years. However, for some, Kia service specials covered by the warranty can last more than that. See more at Toowong Kia

2. Bumper to bumper warranty

As the name suggests, bumper to bumper warranty covers anything from your car’s front bumper to the back. This is a universal inclusion in warranties, allowing users to maximize the usage of their cars without fearing of costly charges.

The most common repairs under this warranty inclusion include electrical components, air conditioning or heating, safety features, oil leak and more.

All you have to do is to find the closest Kia service center and present your warranty card and/or proof of purchase. However, this does not apply to features or parts that wear down upon continuous usage, like brake pads, tyres and wipers and other services such as oil change.

3. Powertrain warranty

The powertrain includes all the parts that are responsible for firing up the engine and transmitting power to the vehicle. These are very crucial and complicated, making them hard to repair. Repairs for such may cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Good thing cars have powertrain warranty to cover all expenses of repairing parts such as the engine, shafts, axles, transmissions and more. This warranty inclusion usually has longer validity as compared to factory or bumper to bumper warranties.

4. Corrosion warranty

This warranty may not always be included when purchasing new cars. However, for some car dealers or companies, they include this type of warranty. Corrosion is inevitably damaging. Acid rain, rust, and water are just some of the substances that may hasten the corrosion of car parts, thus, corrosion warranty is a big help.

In case you encounter a problem that you think is covered by a warranty, just use the Kia motors locate a service centre feature to find the nearest one in the area. As long as you’re covered, you don’t need to worry a thing!

Book a service at Kia service specials center now by visiting


Common problems that decrease your car’s fuel economy

Do you notice your Mitsubishi car consuming more fuel in lesser mileage? This is surely a sign that there is something wrong with your car. And, it means that you are spending more on fuel, which is not good for your bottomline. So, it might be high time to know what might be the problem that is pulling down your car’s fuel efficiency and Google “Mitsubishi service near me” to find technicians to address such issues.

The few possible reasons why your car is consuming more fuel are:

Spark plug problem

A faulty spark plug can cause misfires, which greatly affect engine performance and mileage. technically speaking, they cause the engine to skip one or a few phases in the fuel combustion cycle. That pushes the engine to work harder, thus pulling down fuel efficiency. To avoid this problem, be sure to replace the spark plugs every 30,000 miles or when they wear out.

However, if you think it’s a bigger engine problem, bring your car to an accredited Mitsubishi services center immediately. Note that the engine is a critical part of any car, thus professional check-up and servicing is necessary every now and then.

Faulty fuel injector

The fuel injector delivers fuel into the engine, making it an essential part that affects fuel economy. A faulty injector causes the engine to receive lesser fuel than necessary. That results to poor fuel economy and can even damage the engine in the long run.

Problematic air filter and oxygen sensor

The air filter blocks small particles to enter the intake system, as the engine sucks in oxygen for fuel combustion. A faulty filter will let particles, such as small rocks and dirt, to pass through and reach the engine. It would completely block the air from entering as well.

On the other hand, oxygen sensors maintain a healthy balance of oxygen and fuel in the engine. A faulty oxygen sensor cannot keep such balance, which can disrupt fuel combustion.

Fortunately, a simple air filter replacement or cleaning can solve the problem. However, if you do not have the skills to do it, you should better leave it to the hands of a service centre Mitsubishi owners trust.

Excessive air conditioner usage

The revolution per minute (RPM is higher when the air conditioning (AC) unit is on, which means more fuel to consume. So, it is recommended to turn it off every now and then, especially when the weather is cool enough.

Wrong type of motor oil used

The wrong type of motor oil can cause more friction to the gears. It makes it harder for the engine to run.

What’s worse, it can cause damage to the major parts of the engine, shortening its life. And, you can only solve such damage by searching “Mitsubishi service near me” and bringing in your car for servicing.

To be sure, only use oil that is recommended by Mitsubishi itself.

Improper tyre pressure

Yes, the wrong tyre pressure will also affect your car’s fuel efficiency. To be sure, follow the recommended tyre pressure for your specific Mitsubishi make and model.

If you notice more serious tyre problems, such as bulges and cracks, Google “Mitsubishi service near me” and consider replacing your tyres right away.

Final thoughts

These are the main car problems that will pull down its fuel efficiency. You can solve them if you have the knowledge and skills, but for the best results, you should let the professionals do it for you.

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