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Kinesis Money: Invest Now or Regret Later

Do you know what cryptocurrency is? And what about Kinesis gold backed cryptocurrency? Most cryptocurrencies are not backed with any valuables, but in the case with Kinesis money, everything is different. This is a cryptocurrency backed by real gold!

Kinesis Money: Brief Explanation

Kinesis money is cryptocurrency that Is based on 1:1 allocated gold and silver. According to developers, Kinesis money is aimed at changing the banking system in particular, and monetary system in general by providing a reliable, cheap and fast peer-to-peer money transfer solution. The blockchain technology and the latest security options allow providing the cryptocurrency with the highest security level.

These features are already attractive but more things are to come. Very soon, Kinesis money users will be able to enjoy the following options:

Kinesis Debit Card. This is a completely new solution in the cryptocurrency world. Have you ever heard of a Bitcoin debit card? Even though Bitcoin is the most popular and the most expensive cryptocurrency in the world, you will not find any information about Bitcoin cards. They simply do not exist. While Kinesis gold-backed cryptocurrency is going to have the own card very soon. It means, that the conversion from the cryptocurrency backed with gold to fiat money should not be an issue in the nearest future.

Kinesis currency. No, it is not about cryptocurrency. Kinesis gold-backed cryptocurrency is designed with the possibility to use it as real money in the nearest future. Real Kinesis money should work like any other real currency. KAU (Gold based cryptocurrency) and KAG (silver-based cryptocurrency) will be launched in May this year.

Physical redemption. As it has been already mentioned, gold and silver are used as a physical redemption. The currency names differ depending on the valuable metal that serves as a physical redemption. 1 KAU equals 1 gram of gold, and 1 KAG equals 10 grams of silver.

Is a Wallet Available?

Yes, KINESIS can be stored in an E-Wallet. E-Wallets are used in the Kinesis money system to send payments to and receive payments from other users of Kinesis-money. You can open a wallet and start using it now.

Which Priorities Does Kinesis Token Offer?

Tokens are usually sold to attract investments, and Kinesis isn`t an exception. Kinesis Velocity tokens offer investors a unique opportunity to get profit from the system growth. KVTs are issued in a limited amount. The return on investment will depend on the time when the token was purchased. The earlier a token was purchased, the more money it should bring to the investor in future.

Investors get a 20% profit from the transaction fees generated by the system throughout the token life.

Does Kinesis Money Have Future?

Specialists believe that cryptocurrency is, in principle, the future of money. There are too many reasons to believe this. Kinesis money is a cryptocurrency backed up by serious assets, such as gold and silver, and more details you can read on Not all kinds of real money have such a backup. Hence, there are all reasons to believe, that Kinesis money definitely has a great future.

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